Loft 51

Adress627 W 51st St, New York, NY 10019
Phone 646-580-9128

Loft 51 is an exclusive club with great music that offers crazy nights out, all in the heart of NYC. This club stands high on many people’s agendas. Thousands of people have visited this club and often return for more. I know Loft 51 for their upscale parties, energetic atmosphere and exclusive guests. This venue gives a unique take of NYC nightlife with a luxury interior and nothing but good vibes and dance moves.

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Loft 51 has some of New York City best DJ’s spinning each weekend. At this venue, the music can range anywhere from RnB, Hip Hop, to electronic genres and club classics. Trained bartenders are ready to serve you delicious cocktails and drinks throughout the night. This club is a well-known aspect to NYC in the nightlife a favorite spot for anyone who likes to party.

About Loft 51 NYC

If you want a club that is easily accessible, then Loft 51 is a great choice. Loft 51 is surrounded by vibrant nightlife in the district of Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan. Dance the night away until the sun comes right back up! stay sharp so you don’t miss out on spotting your favorite Hollywood or music stars.

  • Best Nights : The nights are diverse and frequented by many tourists and locals. The most popular nights are from Friday until Sunday. Tiger Tiger encourages you to “party, play, eat and drink, all in one place.”
  • Dress Code: Loft 51 does expect a certain level of effort to be put into appearances. Both men and women must attend in their best club attire which means no sneakers, hats, sweatpants, activewear or sports apparel. Instead please dawn your dress shoes, a button down shirt, nice blouse, pants, hair and makeup! This is the perfect club if you want that “all out” feel.
  • Bottle Packages: Bottle service minimums varies depending on the talent spinning, and the number of people in your party. Contact us below and we’ll get you a custom quote for your party shortly.!

No matter what time of day, there is always fun to be had in Club Loft 51. Enjoy their new ‘Party’ atmosphere with bright LED dancefloors, bars and nonstop music. Enjoy themed parties, great service and an electric nightlife experience. This colorful venue is one of NYC’s top picks for a unique time.